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Online Family Trees and the Search for Mabel Smith

We wanted to see if we could find more information about Mabel Smith who was born in Illinois in 1911 and so we went to Google to search. First we tried "mabel smith" illinois and we got a number of hits but they were for Mabel Smiths who were born both before and after 1911.

So we tried "mabel smith" born 1911 illinois and this search returned some links to obituaries, family trees and other information. However we didn't find a Mabel Smith who was born in Illinois in 1911.

Then we went to and searched Public Member Trees by keying in the information listed above. We found a Mabel Smith who was born on September 15, 1911 in Carbondale, Illinois. Her parents were Chauncy Forward Smith and Bertha Lesba Newbold Smith. Her grandparents were James and Nancy Westbrook Smith and Ottoway and Amanda Wise Newbold.

Mabel had 3 brothers, James (born in 1909), Charles (born in 1914) and Phillip (born in 1916).

According to this tree Mabel married Virgil Edward Parsons in June of 1929 and they had 2 children who are both living at this time. Mabel died on July 6, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois.

Genealogy Search Tip

Find Obituary Information

If you can't find a recent newspaper obituary online try the funeral home's website. More and more funeral homes publish obituaries on their websites and these are usually the same obituaries that the funeral homes send to the local newspapers.

On these sites you might also find photos of the deceased, comments in the deceased's guestbook, life stories, a life timeline and more.

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