Genealogy Search Tips

Check out some of our Genealogy Case Studies where you can find search tips for searching your ancestry or family history. In each case study about 3 different genealogy search tools are used to find information about real people. As you read a case study you will find genealogy search tips that can help in your ancestry or family research.

Check back often as we will be regularly adding new case studies that will use additional genealogy search tools and provide new genealogy search tips.

Click any surname to see the associated case study and discover facts and events in a family history.


Some Genealogy Links

All Genealogy Sites Directory - all genealogy sites directory. - Search US Census Records, Family Trees and Family History Records online.

Cyndi's List - List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Family Search - access records online or through over 4,500 family history centers in 70 countries.

Linkpendium - A genealogy directory with over 9 million links to localities and surnames.

RootsWeb - An award winning genealogical resource with searchable databases.

The Political Graveyard - a searchable database of US political biographies with birth and death dates as well as cemetery information.

Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

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Genealogy Search Tip

Find a Birth Date

In many cases you can find the birth date of a deceased US citizen in the Social Security Death Index.

The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) provides information about deceased people who had registered with Social Security - many people born before 1900 had registered. See our discussion of the Social Security Death Index.