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Census and the Search for John Walton

A visitor to this site posted a comment that merely stated "1810 John Walton" and so we decided to search for John Walton. See the comment at the bottom of Case Study using Online US Federal Census - Kishbaugh.

We don't know what the 1810 means in terms of John Walton and so we searched Google, Yahoo and bing, Microsoft's new search engine using the exact search term "1810 John Walton". On Genuki we found a list of marriages from the Pittington Registers (1575-1837). Here we found two marriages in England - a John Walton married Hannah Cousin on May 19, 1810 and another John Walton married Ann Hutchinson on December 21, 1810.

Next we relaxed our search terms by removing 1810 from the quotation marks. We keyed in 1810 "john walton" and we found a family tree that lists a John Walton who was born in County Durham, England in 1810 and died in 1878. His wife was Ann Sayer (1815-1889) and his siblings were Thomas Walton (born 1839), Mary Walton (born 1840), Joseph Walton (born 1847) and Henry Walton (1854-1899).

Finally we went to to look at some census records. For these searches we assumed that John Walton was born in 1810.

We searched the 1871 England Census and the 1881 England Census and we found a number of John Waltons born in England in 1810 - 1 in Lancashire, 4 in Yorkshire, 1 in Staffordshire, 1 in Durham, 1 in Cumberland, 1 in Warwickshire and 2 in Cheshire. We also found a John Walton who was born in Ireland.

We also searched the 1870 US Federal Census and the 1880 US Federal Census and we found a number of John Waltons born in 1810 - 1 in Pennsylvania, 1 in Kentucky, 1 in England, 2 in Ireland, 1 in Arkansas and 1 in Illinois. We also found a John Walton whose birthplace was unknown.

To conduct a genealogy search for information about the John Walton mentioned in the post we must know the meaning of 1810.

Genealogy Search Tip

Find a Death Date

Funeral home memorial cards are a good source of death dates. These are the small cards that the funeral home traditionally prints as a tribute to the deceased. They are usually available to everyone who attends the deceased's wake or funeral. Sometimes the burial date, usually a few days after the death date, is printed on the card.

Sometimes these cards can be found online and in many cases they are in family possessions. They are also called Prayer Cards, Funeral Cards, Memorial Cards or Holy Cards.

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