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Family Information Sources for Discovery of Your Ancestors

Learn How to Find Ancestor Information - from Census, Cemetery, Immigration, Military, Vital, Newspapers and More

There is usually more than one source for family information - like a person's birth date. It is important to remember that different sources might have different origins for the same information.

For example, a Draft Registration Card will usually indicate the birth date that was provided by the registrant about himself. But a Death Certificate will usually indicate the birth date provided by a spouse, child or other relative of the deceased.

Major Family Information Sources

Here is a list of the major sources of family information - click any one for a brief discussion of that information source and where that information might be found.

Cemetery Records

Census Records

Census Records 1940

Census Records Questions

Family History

Genetic (DNA Testing)

Autosomal DNA Testing

mt-DNA Testing

Y-DNA Testing

Immigration Records

Military Records

Newspaper Articles

Newspapers, Books and OCR


Online Newspapers

Social Security Death Index

Vital Records


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