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This site provides genealogy search tips for people who are interested in improving their ancestry, family or genealogy search skills.

Genealogy case studies are used to provide the genealogy search tips. The case studies provide actual searches for information about real people and their families so that readers can see the actual search procedures and information sources that are used by genealogists.

In our case studies we use information sources, like indexes and databases, that can help in the search and discovery of genealogy information. Some information sources are the US Federal Census, historical newspapers, yearbooks, immigration records and the Social Security Death Index.

Our focus is on explaining how to use the information sources that are available. If more than one vendor or organization provides the same (or similar) information our goal is not to evaluate the organizations. It is to demonstrate how the information source can be used regardless of which organization provides the information source.

For example we show in one case study how information from three years of the US Federal Census can be used in conjunction with other information to discover some facts about a family. We mention the organization that provided online access to the census information. In another case study we use different information from the US Federal Census to discover facts about another family and we access the census information through a different organization which we mention in the case study.

In our case studies we usually provide links to the websites of the organizations that provide access to the information sources - in many cases we provide a link to the page where the information source can be found. These information sources may be provided free of charge or an organization may charge a fee or require a paid subscription.

At any time an organization may provide certain information sources free of charge and at other times charge for their use. The structure of charges is constantly changing as some organizations allow access to some parts of their sites for free and other parts on a subscription or other fee basis.

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