Genealogy Search Tips

About Genealogy Search Tips

This site provides genealogy search tips for people who are interested in improving their ancestry, family or genealogy search skills.

The Search Tips are about the Sources of Information, like census and vital records, and the Types of Information, like birth and death dates.

Genealogy case studies are used to demonstrate these genealogy search tips. The case studies provide actual searches for information about real people and their families so that readers can see the actual search procedures and information sources that are used by genealogists. At the end of each case study there is a comment section where visitors to this site can provide additional genealogy search tips or comments.

In each case study a few different information sources are used in an attempt to discover new information about an individual or family. The information sources used in one case study might be the 1870 US Federal Census, the California Death Index and a public family tree. In another case study the information sources might be an old newspaper, a US Draft Registration Card and the Pennsylvania GenWeb Project.

Readers of the genealogy case studies will discover successful genealogy searches where the results of one search lead to one or more additional searches as well as some unsuccessful genealogy searches that are the "dead ends" encountered by genealogists.

This site also provides discussions with additional tips about the major genealogy information sources - Census Records, Vital Records, Yearbooks, DNA Testing, Military Records and more.

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