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A visitor to this site wrote that Edward Bolton was born in Illinois in 1842 and that in the 1870 Census he was living in Gilroy, Santa Clara, California with his wife and 2 sons. Any help would be appreciated the visitor said.

So we first went to the 1870 Online US Federal Census to see what information was there. Our search terms were Edward Bolton, born 1842, Illinois. We found the family living in Gilroy, California. Here is some of the key information - Edward Bolton, age 28, born in Illinois, parents not born in US - Ann Bolton. age 32, born in England, parents not born in US - James Bolton, age 11, born in England - Wm. F., age 4/12, born in California.

Next we did a "Search All Records" at - these records include census and voter lists, family trees, birth, marriage and death records, military records and more. We searched All Records for Edward Bolton, born 1842, Illinois and we found Edward Bolton in a Family Tree and discovered that he had married Ann Fitts on January 27, 1868 in California. The marriage record can be found in the marriage book at the Santa Clara County Courthouse - volume B page 312.

We then did an All Records search at for Ann Bolton and used the search terms Ann Bolton, born 1838, England. We did not find any additional information about Ann.

Next we did an All Records search for James Bolton and used the search terms James Bolton, born 1859, England. We did not find any additional information about James.

Finally we did an All Records search for William Bolton and used the search terms William Bolton, born 1870, California. We found in a Family Tree that Fredrik William Bolton was born in Gilroy, California on February 28, 1870 and that his parents were William and Anna Fitts Bolton. According to this Family Tree Anna Fitts Bolton died in Gilroy, California on March 10, 1873 and Edward Bolton died in Turlock, Stanislaus, California after 1889. Edward married Marian M (1841-1904) sometime after 1873 according to this Family Tree.

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I'm trying to find the gravesites of my GG GP's which are located in Fallowfield (East) crawford, Pennsylvania. They are James and M.M. Miller. My GG was A.M. Miller born in 1874 in Meadville, PA. She later met My GG James Hazard and moved with him to Taylor County, Kentucky. I went to The CLDS and retreived FHL Film 1255119 NA Film T9-1119 Page 144D

alexander lavrov - April 25th, 2013 at 1:41 PM

well worth a day

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